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39 Million Americans Will Travel This Memorial Weekend



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It’s the official start of summer and Americans are looking to kick off Memorial Day weekend by hitting the road.

According to AAA, 39.2 million Americans plan to travel 50 miles or more from home this Memorial weekend, with 34.9 million planning to travel by car.

“Memorial Day is always a good predictor of what’s to come for summer travel,” AAA Travel senior vice president Paula Twidale said in a statement reported by TravelPulse. “Based on our projections, summer travel isn’t just heating up, it will be on fire. People are overdue for a vacation and they are looking to catch up on some much-needed R&R in the coming months.”

Thanks to rising gas prices, car travel is expected to fall from 92.1 percent to 88.9 percent this year. On the other hand, air travel is expected to surpass 2019 levels, with 7.7 percent of Memorial Weekend travelers planning to fly.

According to AAA, these are the top ten U.S. destinations for Memorial Weekend:

1. Orlando
2. Seattle
3. Miami
4. Las Vegas
5. Anaheim
6. New York
7. Denver
8. Anchorage
9. Boston
10. Honolulu

The top international destinations for Memorial Weekend are:

1. Vancouver
2. Dublin
3. Paris
4. Rome
5. London
6. Cancun
7. Amsterdam
8. Barcelona
9. Nassau
10. Calgary