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National Geographic Reveals Winner of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest



Source: National Geographic

National Geographic have revealed the winner of the 2019 Travel Photo Contest and the picture will have you longing for the snowy days of winter already!
Photographer Weimin Chu took first place in the competition with a gorgeous picture titled “Greenlandic Winter.”
“Upernavik is a fishing village on a tiny island in west Greenland,” Chu captioned the gorgeous shot of a dreamy Greenland fishing village swathed in iridescent snow. “Historically, Greenlandic buildings were painted different colors to indicate different functions, from red storefronts to blue fishermen’s homes—a useful distinction when the landscape is blanketed in snow. This photo was taken during my three-month, personal photo project to present life in Greenland.”
Second place went to an interesting photo showcasing aerial views of runways at San Francisco International Airport.

“There are four runways at San Francisco’s International Airport (SFO). This is a rare look at the approach end of runways 28 left and right,” photographer Jassen Todorov captioned his picture titled “In the Age of Aviation.” ” I had dreams of documenting the motion at SFO and [arranged] permission to fly directly overhead. What a windy day it was. Winds at SFO were 35-45 miles per hour, which meant a bumpy flight, and it was much harder to control the plane while photographing. The flight was challenging, but it was also so thrilling that I couldn’t sleep for several days afterward.”

“Streets of Dhaka” by photographer Sandipani Chattopadhyay took 3rd place, with a stunning look at Muslims praying on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh during one of the cities major Islamic religious gatherings.
“People pray on the street in Dhaka, Bangladesh during Ijtema,” Chattopadhyay captioned the amazing photograph. “Bishwa Ijtema is one of the major Islamic religious gatherings which is [observed] annually in Dhaka and millions of Muslims visit [during this time]. Dedicated prayer grounds are not [large] enough to handle this huge number of people, so large numbers of people come to [Tongi], the main street of Dhaka. All the ground transportation and [pedestrian crossings] are suspended during that time.”