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More Than Half of Americans Are Planning a Spring Vacation



Source: iStock

More than half of Americans are planning to take a vacation somewhere this spring with many of them choosing to stay within the United States.

According to TravelAgentCentral, a joint survey carried out by Vacasa and Allison + Partners, found that 56 percent of Americans are planning a spring vacation and although spending time with friends and family are still top of the list, the majority are also looking to experience new things in different destinations across the country.

37 percent of those polled are planning to travel during spring break, but the coronavirus pandemic is still affecting where Americans choose to travel, and how.

TravelAgentCentral reports 50 percent of Americans would change their vacation plans if there is a COVID-19 spike in the area they are traveling to.

Approximately 75 percent of those polled said they will be vacationing within the United States. Just 18 percent said they would be traveling internationally this spring.

The top destinations for spring travel include Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas and Hawaii.