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Fodor’s Reveals Travelers’ Top Concerns for 2022



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It’s been called the summer of revenge travel as many of us rebound from the coronavirus pandemic to take that much-longed-for vacation, but, according to Fodor’s, Americans still have some worries about taking a trip.

Fodors asked their readers what their plans were for this summer and their concerns as part of its “Summer Travel Trends” survey – and, not surprisingly, COVID is still on the list.

According to Fodor’s, just 3.8 percent of American travelers aren’t bothered by anything at all when it comes to travel. But for the remaining 96.2 percent, these are the things freaking us out this summer when it comes to travel:

COVID-19 – according to Fodor’s, 51 percent of those polled revealed they are concerned about catching and spreading COVID-19 while traveling. Fifty-three percent of readers say they would cancel their summer trip if their destination experienced a COVID surge.

Russia’s Invasion of UkraineFodor’s reports Americans are feeling cautious about taking a European vacation due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with 36 percent of readers listing it as a concern.

Inflation – from the cost of fuel, flights, hotels, and eating out, inflation is becoming a factor Americans have to consider before taking a vacation this summer. According to Fodor’s, 31 percent of readers say inflation is a travel concern, and the same percentage said it has already affected their travel plans.

Crime and Terrorism – 15 percent of Fodor’s readers list crime as a cause of anxiety when traveling and 12 percent are worried about terrorism.

Flight Cancellations – flight cancellations are just plain annoying – and they can be expensive. According to Fodor’s, 27 percent of readers said the most annoying thing about travel is flight cancelations.