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These Unique Hotel Rooms are a Bucket List Must



Source: Conrad Hotels

From jail cells to igloos the world is full of extraordinary hotel rooms – and if money is no option travelers can really indulge in some over-the-top and out-of-this-world suites. If sleeping under the sea has always been a fantasy or waking up surrounded by giraffes is on your bucket list, these five hotel rooms are some of the most unique in the world.

The Muraka Suite, Maldives

The Conrad Hotel’s Muraka Suite on Rangali Island in the Maldives is a luxury two-level residence where the master bedroom is actually submerged over 16 feet below sea level in the Indian Ocean. Not only will sleeping under the sea bring all those mermaid dreams to life, but getting to the Muraka Suite is also a thrilling fantasy. Guests arrive via seaplane, or by private speedboat from the main resort. Naturally, a hotel suite of this caliber requires nothing but the best service and Conrad supplies guests of the Muraka Suite with their very own 24/7 butler and private chef!
The Muraka Suite comes complete with an outdoor deck with an infinity pool, private jet skis, and an on-call fitness trainer should you wish to keep that bikini body in tip-top shape. But it is the Muraka’s master suite that offers guests a truly unique experience. The bedroom is encased with a 180-degree curved acrylic dome and floor-to-ceiling windows in the bathroom and master closet means you never once lose that feeling of being a mermaid. Best of all the bedroom comes complete with a dedicated tunnel viewing theater so you can sit back, relax and watch the fish swim by.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Tagged the “Most Unforgettable Bucket-List Breakfast in the World” Kenya’s Giraffe Manor is often referred to as one of the most Instagrammed properties in the world – and with good reason! The Manor is set in 12 acres of private land within 140 acres of indigenous forest and that means giraffes – in particular its resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes who are prone to pop their heads through the windows of the 1930’s property in search of treats.
Not only does Giraffe Manor offer guests the chance to get up close and personal with giraffes, but the hotel’s team also has over 20 years of experience in designing unique and unforgettable tailor-made safaris where guests can experience encounters with Africa’s “Big Five” – lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo.

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Fans of airplanes need look no further than Costa Rica’s very own Hotel Costa Verde’s 727 Fuselage Home!
The hotel refurbished a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe and turned it into a meticulously detailed two-bedroom suite, which juts out of the rainforest canopy to make guests feel like they are truly flying. Perched on a 50-foot pedestal, the plane offers both rainforest and ocean views from the gorgeous wooden deck built on top of the plane’s former right wing. Featuring hand-carved teak furniture from Java, Indonesia, the plane features two air-conditioned bedrooms and all the amenities a ‘jet-setter’ could want!

The HI Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Canada

Ever wanted to sleep in a jail cell but avoid the criminal record? The HI Jail Hotel in Ottawa, Canada gives the criminally-inclined traveler the chance to do just that – and pick their own cellmate!
Coming in at the bargain starting price of approximately $23 a night, the Jail Hostel was originally the Carleton County Gaol, which closed in 1973 and naturally some say it’s haunted. If you’re not a fan of bunking down with a cellmate, the hostel does offer tourists the chance to sleep in the solitary confinement cell and every guest gets the chance to visit death row as part of a free daily jail tour!

Kakslauttanen Resort, Finland

Grab your thermals and head to the Kakslauttanen Resort where guests sleep in real-life igloos!
Kakslauttanen is located 250 km north of the Arctic Circle and the resort is one of the world’s best places for watching the infamous northern lights should you plan to travel from late August through late April. The resort features an array of different accommodations, including glass igloos, log chalets, and a traditional snow igloo which comes complete with a cozy down sleeping bag.

No visit to Finland is complete without a trip to the sauna and Kakslauttanen Resort features saunas big enough for all your friends to unwind and relax following a day skiing and sledding around the beautiful property.