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Disney’s Hall of Presidents Closed for Refurbishment, Biden Figure to be Added



Source: Disney

Disney’s iconic Hall of Presidents is “currently closed for refurbishment” according to the Walt Disney World website – a move that normally happens when a new president is sworn in.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Disney spokesperson confirmed the attraction will be updated with a Biden figure.
The Orlando Sentinel reports it is typical for the Liberty Square attraction to close for refurbishment when a new president takes office and the closure allows time for a new animatronic figure of the president to be added. Hall of Presidents last closed for refurbishment in January 2017, it reopened in December of that year with upgrades to its sound, light and projection package along with a new figure of President Trump reciting a script he had recorded earlier during the year.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Hall of Presidents has been in operation since 1971 at Magic Kingdom. No other Disney theme park has a Hall of Presidents attraction.