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Canada Issues Warning to Citizens Traveling to the US



Source: Getty Images via iStock
Canada has updated its travel advisory for citizens traveling to the United States with new information about widespread gun violence in the country.
According to TravelPulse, Canada isn’t the only country warning its citizens about gun violence in the USA. Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Venezuela have all updated their country-specific travel advisories to reflect mass shootings in America.
“The rate of firearm possession in the US is high. It’s legal in many states for US citizens to openly carry firearms in public,” Canada’s warning reads. “Incidences of mass shootings occur, resulting most often in casualties. Although tourists are rarely involved, there is a risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Familiarize yourself on how to respond to an active shooter situation.”
According to TravelPulse, guns have been used to kill 18,317 people in America so far in 2023, and over 80 percent of homicides in the country are conducted by firearms.