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Brooklyn Park Helps Visitors Practice Social Distancing



Source: Noam Gala via Getty Images

A Brooklyn park is helping visitors practice safe social distancing by drawing circles on the grass for people to sit inside.

Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn decided to help stay-at-home weary residents get out and enjoy the warm weather by marking designated sitting spots each spaced several feet apart.
According to Travel+Leisure, Domino Park is built on the waterfront and offers eye-catching views of the city skyline – making it a popular park for people to enjoy in the warmer weather.

The Brooklyn Paper reports the idea to paint the 8-foot-wide circles was hatched on May 15 when the director of the Williamsburg waterfront meadow, Michael Lampariello, and his colleagues bought a can of white paint from the hardware store and began painting circles spaced six feet apart.

“We weren’t sure if it was going to work, but as soon as we put the circles down, folks were going to them and started policing themselves,” Lampariello told the Brooklyn Paper.
“We’re taking the issue really seriously and we wanted to figure out ways to keep the park open,” Lampariello revealed, adding he spoke to one dad who was just happy to get his kids back out to the park in the fresh air even if it meant sitting inside a painted circle!