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This is the Most Visited Country in the World



Source: Pinterest

When it comes to travel, there is one country tourists just love to visit!

According to new data from the World Tourist Organization (UNWTO), France is the most visited country globally.

Whether it’s spending time in Paris, meandering through the French countryside, or glamming it up on the beaches in the South of France, travelers can’t stop flocking to the European country.

According to the UNWTO, 89 million visitors chose to vacation in France in 2019 – and, although tourism came to an abrupt halt thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, travel is again back up and running with France topping the bucket lists of many international visitors.

The UNWTO reports these are the top five most visited countries in the world according to 2019 numbers:

1. France
2. Spain
3. The United States
4. China
5. Italy