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Ordering Room Service? Check Out This Chef Approved Tip



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When it comes to ordering hotel room service there is a particular request to make according to one professional chef.

British chef, Jason Atherton, who trained under Gordon Ramsay is a global jet setter. According to Business Insider, Atherton travels the globe regularly checking on his restaurant empire, which includes Dubai’s Marina Social, New York City’s Clocktower and London’s Pollen Street Social, so the busy chef knows a thing or two about hotel room service.

When it comes to ordering hotel room service Atherton has one particular request to ensure his meal is delivered in a timely fashion before anyone else’s.

“If I order room service, I always, always say ‘I don’t want my food in a hot box. Leave it on the table with a cloth on top.’ Because any food in a hot box, pasta or steak, will stew and go soggy, of course – but they will bring your food first because it can’t be left to sit around and go cold,” Atherton told LiveMint according to Business Insider.

When it comes to visiting restaurants in different cities he is traveling to, Atherton also has a top tip he follows.

“Make sure a restaurant you visit is at least one year old,” Atherton advises.

“After about a year, a restaurant matures and really starts to find its feet. The staff gets to know their regular customers, the chef knows the suppliers really well – when they’re not scared stiff waiting for the critics to come in…Speak to most top chefs and they’ll say exactly the same thing.”