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More: Flight Cancellations Result in Long Lines for Baggage Claims at Newark Liberty National Airport



Weather delays and cancellations at airports in and around New York City continued into Tuesday, leaving passengers stranded.
A video shared by Sarah Popov shows hundreds of stranded passengers waiting in line for a United Airlines help desk late Monday at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Another clip shows more lines in the baggage claim area.
Popov said she boarded her flight but was stuck on the plane for seven hours before the flight was ultimately canceled.
“I had the misfortunate of being told to gate check my bag…. No clue where it is, when Ill see it… when I scan my ticket with the app, it says theres no checked bags associated with this flight, presumably bc nobody scanned it when loading it on the plane,” she tweeted.
Stormy weather on Monday added to delays that piled up on Sunday, with hundreds of passengers staying overnight in the airport.
In announcing the weather disruptions on Monday, Newark Liberty advised passengers to check with their airlines to determine the status of their flights.