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Disney Launching Once-in-a-Lifetime Cruise to Antarctica



Source Adventures by Disney

Disney has announced two new bucket-list destinations will be added to its Adventures by Disney cruise itineraries and these once-in-a-lifetime trips have us planning our post-COVID vacation dreams!

The two new itineraries will have adventure and nature in mind with one taking passengers to the extremes of the earth and a chance to cross the infamous Drake Passage – one of the world’s most dangerous passages for a ship to voyage.

The itinerary will start off with a night in Buenos Aires, Argentina before passengers catch a flight to Ushuaia to board the cruise.

“Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you explore the infinite riches and natural beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula,” Adventure by Disney announced on its website. “Nature takes center stage and unique experiences abound as you hike through penguin colonies, search for pods of whales navigating the waters around you, and share a toast with fellow Adventurers as you glide past glaciers and ice floes. Plus, you’ll kick off your journey to the Antarctic Peninsula with explorations of the diverse landscapes and rich culture of Patagonia, also known as the “End of the World.”

In addition, Disney announced another bucket-list destination – to the Galapagos Islands with three different routes for passengers to choose from!

“Unleash your adventurous spirit as you travel on a unique expedition cruise, where you’ll explore the diverse islands and ecosystems of the Galápagos Archipelago,” Disney announced. “Experience the pristine beauty of this equatorial region where you may get up close with the many endemic species, including marine iguanas, Giant Land Tortoises, sea lions, blue-footed boobies and many more.”

Adventures by Disney Expedition Cruises not only allow passengers to experience parts of the world most travelers rarely get to see, but they also provide naturalists on board to provide specialized knowledge to help you view what you are seeing through the eyes of an expert.

Prices for the Adventures by Disney Antarctica Expedition Cruise start at $12,459 per adult. Prices for the Galapagos voyages start at $6,279 per adult. Bookings will open up on January 22 to the general public for the various sailings, which will take place in 2022.