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AAA Reveals America’s Most Dangerous Roads



Source: Getty Images

There’s nothing as American as packing up the car and hitting the highways for a good old family road trip. But along with a variety of stunning scenery comes myriad potential dangers. According to the AAA, whether it’s Florida highways full of speeding vehicles or mountaintop roads bordering steep cliffs, these are some of the most dangerous roads in America.

Million Dollar Highway, Colorado
Officially known as Route 550, AAA reports road got its moniker after an early traveler proclaimed she would need to be paid a million dollars to drive the route again. Although Million Dollar Highway features some of the best scenery in the country, the road comprises steep cliffs and hairpin turns as it meanders through Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan Mountains and rises to heights of more than 11,000 feet above sea level.

“If that’s not unnerving enough, the road, carved into the side of the mountains, has no guardrails,” AAA reports. “Throw in some harsh Colorado weather and the occasional rock slide and you have one of the most dangerous roads in the country.”

US Route 1, Florida

According to AAA, a recent study found that 17 of the deadliest 100 roads in America were located in Florida – and the Sunshine State’s section of US Route 1 is the country’s second deadliest road. Not only is the road known for speeding, but the southern portion of the US 1 also connects the Florida Keys to Miami and features miles of bridge driving.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana
The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway holds the Guinness World Record for the longest bridge over water. Covering a span of 24 miles, the causeway not only unnerves many drivers but is also completely open to the elements. According to the AAA, dense fog can envelop the causeway, requiring police assistance to help drivers safely navigate the bridge.

I-4, Florida

Yet another Florida road to make the most dangerous roads list, the section of I-4 between Orlando and Daytona Beach was once found to be the deadliest interstate in the country.

According to AAA, one explanation for the dangerous death rate on the road could be the number of tourists navigating the unfamiliar area.

I-45, Texas

The heavily-congested Galveston to Dallas section of I-45 runs through downtown Dallas. Thanks to the number of drivers using the road, it was recently named the deadliest road in America by Budget Direct.

I-10, Arizona
According to AAA, the 300-mile stretch of I-10 through Arizona is a hotbed for speeding.

“The highway’s long, straight stretches through the desert are hot spots of high speeds, aggressive driving, illegal passing, and inattentive drivers,” AAA reports. “Nearly 500 fatalities were recorded on Arizona’s I-10 over a recent six-year period.”

US Route 17, South Carolina

Although it may be one of the most picturesque roads in the southeast, one study named US 17 in South Carolina the most dangerous highway for summertime travel. Meandering through marshes, forests, and oceanside towns, AAA reports the road is also full of sharp turns, narrow lines, and an abundance of wildlife that can also cause driving hazards.

Dalton Highway, Alaska
As the focus of the hit television show Ice Road Truckers, the Dalton Highway traverses through some of Alaska’s most treacherous terrain – and it’s remote. The Dalton is so remote that AAA reports there are only three towns along the route and one 240-mile stretch without even a single rest stop or gas station!