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Traveling by Plane? Why Not Consider a “Park and Fly” For Long-Term Parking



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“Park and Fly” is a service commonly offered by hotels and airport parking facilities. The concept is designed to provide convenience for travelers who need to leave their vehicles parked for an extended period while they are away on a trip. Here’s how it typically works:
Parking: Customers can park their cars at a designated parking lot or area associated with the service provider. This parking facility is often located near airports.
Transportation: The service usually includes shuttle transportation to and from the airport. After parking their car, customers can use the shuttle service to reach the airport terminals, and upon their return, they can take the shuttle back to the parking facility to retrieve their vehicle.
Extended Stay: The main appeal of Park and Fly is that it allows travelers to leave their cars in a secure parking area for an extended period, such as the duration of their trip. This can be more cost-effective than short-term airport parking, eliminating the need for alternative transportation to and from the airport.
Hotels: Sometimes hotels offer Park and Fly services. Travelers can stay overnight at the hotel before or after their flight, park their cars for the duration of their trip, and use the hotel’s shuttle service to reach the airport.
Overall, Park and Fly services aim to simplify the travel experience by providing a convenient and often more economical parking solution for individuals who need to leave their vehicles while they are away. It’s particularly popular for people taking longer trips or those who prefer to rely on something other than taxis, rideshares, or public transportation to get to and from the airport.