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This is the Most Viewed Destination on TikTok



Source: Deposit Photos Tiktok
Thanks to social media, how we choose which destinations to visit has changed from travel agent guidebooks to getting ideas simply from our phones via Instagram and TikTok.
And when it comes to the most viewed destination on TikTok, there’s one clear winner!
According to TimeOut, Cruise Croatia looked at the number of TikTok views for 135 of the world’s most populous cities between early March and early July. It found that Barcelona, Spain received over 24 billion – yes billion – views!
According to Cruise Croatia’s research, these are the top ten most viewed destinations on TikTok:
1. Barcelona, Spain (24 billion) 2. New York City, USA (18 billion) 3. Paris, France (16 billion) 4. London, United Kingdom (15 billion) 5. Istanbul, Turkey (9 billion) 6. Madrid, Spain (9 billion) 7. Lima, Peru (7 billion) 8. Jakarta, Indonesia (5 billion) 9. Tokyo, Japan (4 billion) 10. Singapore (4 billion)