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This Airline is Offering Clothing Rental to Reduce Luggage



Source: Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines has introduced a new service called “Any Wear, Anywhere” to help passengers avoid the stress of carrying overweight luggage.
The service allows travelers to rent clothes upon arrival in Japan, reducing clothing waste and encouraging people to pack light.
Japan Airlines has partnered with Sumitomo Corp. to supply overstock garments for the service. Travelers can choose up to eight sets of business or business casual clothes online for $28-$49 each. The outfits are delivered to their hotel and can be kept for up to two weeks.
This initiative is also expected to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by planes burning fuel, and the move is a part of the aviation industry’s effort to become more environmentally friendly. However, skeptics worry that the environmental benefits of the service may be offset by tourists filling their freed-up luggage space with other travel necessities.
The service is available on a trial basis through August 2024.