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More: Woman Leaves Purse with Passport on Plane, Dropped out of Cockpit Before Plane Takes Off. The US Couple Had Traveled from Venice, Italy to London, UK as Part of a Wedding Anniversary Trip.



An American couple traveling to London got lucky when some British Airways pilots returned the womans lost purse and passport by dropping them out of the plane.
Will and Veronica Novak of Phoenix, Ariz., landed and deplaned at Heathrow International Airport in London on Tuesday, then realized she had left her purse on board with her passport inside.
The couple ran into a British Airways pilot from another flight, Captain Will Rowlings, who offered to text the flight crew now aboard the Novaks plane.
“Veronica actually left her passport on the plane and these really nice British Airways pilots from another flight talked to us and they were able to text these guys and they were literally backing away,” Will says in a video that shows the plane about to leave.
Suddenly a pilot leans out of the window and drops a bag to a worker on the ground.
“And thats Veronicas purse coming out the window of the plane! Theres Veronicas purse, its getting dropped down. Amazing! Shes going to get her passport. What a day!” he shouts.
A photo shows Veronica holding her purse while posing with Captain Will Rowlings and his first officer.