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Dietician Shares Tips For Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits While Traveling



It can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits while traveling, but according to registered dietitian Kelly Springer, founder of nutritional consulting company Kelly’s Choice, the key is to “plan ahead.” Before traveling, “look for grocery stores or farmers markets in the area, and set reservations at local restaurants that have menus containing appetizing meals high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats,” said Springer, who has a Master’s degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland. “Utilize the local grocery stores or farmers markets to purchase high protein, high fiber options such as mixed nuts, fresh fruit, meat sticks, and vegetables and dip to have on hand for snacks if you get hungry throughout the day,” Springer said. Springer, who formerly worked as the division dietitian at grocery chain Wegmans Food Markets and as a clinical dietitian at Auburn Hospital in bariatrics, critical care, and nutrition support, says it’s possible to sample local fare in healthy ways. “Appreciate the local cuisine while focusing on creating balanced meals that include fiber, healthy fats, and proteins to keep you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal,” Springer said. Springer also recommends finding ways to stay active while on vacation, even if its just daily walking. “Get in daily movement by renting bikes or walking from place to place as feasible,” Springer said. “And don’t forget to stay hydrated!” Meal planning, smart snacking, and physical activity are good, but a vacation wouldn’t be a vacation without some room for more decadent fare. It’s all about balance, and Springer says it’s good to “treat yourself.” “Plan a special meal on your vacation, whether that’s going out to eat to a fancy dinner or stopping at one of your favorite coffee shops,” Springer said. “Balance is key, especially when traveling!” TMX contributed to this story.