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Are These Dads Lazy Or Brilliant?



Remote Dad

Dads are some of the best innovators in the world… Especially when they don’t want to do any work! This dad certainly found a brilliant way to pull his kids around. At least, it’s genius until his battery runs out. Then he’ll be stuck pulling the wagon and carrying the car!

The Future Of Baseball

Will major leaguers use this innovation in the future instead of going through a bucket of baseballs? It’s possible! Regardless, this may be the most brilliant dadvention ever!

Free Transportation!

If you’re going to pay $300 for your kid’s motorized car, why not take advantage of it? This dad certainly capitalized on his investment. There’s no possible way this could go wrong…


If only lazy dads were elected to public office, maybe things would get done! This genius dad eliminated hours of work with his self-serve feeding station!