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Airbnb Hosts Must Now Follow Strict Five-Step Cleaning Process



Source: iStock

Beginning November 20, Airbnb hosts must adhere to new cleanliness and social distancing guidelines, or risk being kicked off the platform, USA Today reports.

As we continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic, Airbnb has introduced mandatory mask and social distancing guidelines, together with a five-step cleaning protocol that Airbnb hosts must follow.

Airbnb hosts and guests must now wear masks and practice social distancing when interacting with one another – and hosts must follow a new “enhanced clean” program.

According to USA Today, Airbnb’s “enhanced clean” program was developed in conjunction with health experts to clean and sanitize every part of the property.

The “enhanced clean” includes cleaning and then sanitizing with a chemical disinfectant on high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs. The company also suggests leaving out a “cleaning care” package for guests, which includes paper towels, extra hand soap, and disinfectants.

USA Today reports the mandate applies worldwide, except for mainland China, which has its own local health and safety protocols.