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11 Most Beautiful Places In The World



These breathtaking destinations are all worth adding to your bucket list whether it’s relaxing on a beach, diving into an underway excursion or exploring an ancient city.
Click to take the journey through our collection of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world.

Salar De Uyuni

Located in Bolivia, this is the world’s largest salt pan. When a thin film of water accumulates it becomes the world’s largest natural mirror.

Lake Natron

This extremely alkaline lake in Tanzania is known to petrifying all the animals that die in it. Due to the high levels of sodium bicarbonate anything that enters becomes calcified.

Die Rakotzbruck

Known as the devil’s bridge, this structure in Germany casts a shadow making a perfect circle from any angle you look.

Spotted Lake Khiluk

This lake in British Columbia has 365 different pools. These different pools all have a different mineral content, and are said to cure disease.

Slope Point

This spot in New Zealand has trees that are permanently twisted due to regular antarctic winds.

Dead Vlei

This dead oasis in Namibia is surrounded by the highest sand dunes in the world. The lack of moisture forces the trees to look for water outside of the clay.

Underwater Park

This park in Austria becomes submerged under water during the Spring. This natural phenomenon makes for some great scuba diving!

Eternal Flame Falls

Due to a natural gas leak, this waterfall in New York can be lit to produce a flame that is visible year-round. Occasionally the flame goes out and needs to be re-lit.

Tunnel Of Love

Part of an industrial railway in the Ukraine has become overgrown with vegetation, and is now a favorite spot for couples to take walks.

Christ Of The Abyss

Guido Galletti created this 2.5 meter tall statue of Christ and submerged it in Italy. Another great diving spot for sure!

The Silfra Rift

This area in Iceland where two tectonic plates are separating is a fun place to scuba dive or snorkel. Depending on the time of year, this water can be very cold.