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11 Most Astonishing Places That Exist On Earth



Take a journey around the world, to some of the most majestic places that you wont even believe actually exist on earth. These locations are certainly something that anyone should include on their bucket list of things to experience in life. Click to enjoy and explore the most unbelievable places that exist on earth.

Lake Hillier

This is no ordinary lake. Travel to the southern coast of Western Australia to Lake Hillier. This saline lake is different from the rest, particularly due to its infamous pink color.

Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake, is located in Alberta, Canada. Tourists and photographers gather here during the Winter months to capture the frozen bubbles that are captured beneath the ice.

The Algarve

Located in Portugal, it features breathtaking views and some of the best Mediterranean beaches and golf resorts around. Locals see the population triple during peak seasons.

Antelope Canyon

What appears to be a sight from another planet is actually a glimpse into Antelope Canyon located in Arizona. The canyon is ever-changing from rainwater.

Aogashima Island

Visit Aogashima Island, located near Tokyo in the Philippine Sea. It is a volcanic Japanese island surrounded by steep cliffs and layers of volcanic rock.

Boiling Lake

Visit the appropriately-named Boiling Lake known for bubbling greyish/blue water surrounded by a cloud of vapor.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, known as the world’s biggest lake, is located Russia. Not only does it top the charts in size, it’s also one the clearest in the world and the oldest, it’s age estimated at 25 million years old.

Bamboo Forest

Capture the serene sights of the Bamboo Forest located in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan. Walk through the forest surrounded by towering stalks of bamboo.

The Avenue Of The Baobabs

Visit South Africa to experience The Avenue of the Baobabs. It is located in western Madagascar and is known for the prominent display of baobab trees lining the ground.

The Black Forest

Located in southwest Germany, The Black Forest is filled with vast forests, open mountain heights and peaks featuring grandiose views.

Cherry Blossom Avenue

Looking like a scene straight from the movies, Cherry Blossom Avenue is located in Bonn, Germany a stroll down from the iconic Beethoven House.