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Worst Cars To Purchase On The Market



When it comes to buying a car, the worst thing that could happen is getting stuck with a bad one. After all, they don’t come cheap, so if you’re shelling out a load of money, you want to make sure it’s all worth it. Reliability, performance, and comfort rank pretty highly on the list of things people want the most from their cars, and without them, cars tend to fade into obscurity.
Sure it’s great to have a car that looks amazing, but if it doesn’t go anywhere because it breaks down all of the time, then why bother having it? Thanks to car reviewers like J.D. Power, Kelley Blue Book, Consumer Reports, and Car Connection, we have found the worst-rated cars of 2022.

Cadillac ATS

Although there are a few positives about the Cadillac ATS, there are some negatives that cannot be overlooked. The car comes with sleek exterior styling, precise handling, and a range of engines to suit your power needs. That might be where the positives stop, however, and the interior of the ATS is ranked as one of the worst of the luxury car class. Not only does the interior lack class, the infotainment system is difficult to use, and gas mileage is poor. In the city, you are looking at 16 miles to the gallon with some Cadillac ATS models.

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger may be one of the most iconic names in American motoring, but the latest model isn’t hitting the mark. The car has been described as large and powerful, but the Charger’s downfall comes in its reliability. 2019 Chargers have been recalled twice already due to reliability issues.

Land Rover Discovery

Although the Land Rover Discovery has been given a makeover in recent years, it’s what’s under the hood that has most people complaining about this SUV. You might get a third row of seats in the redesigned Discovery, but you also get engine troubles that led to a recall in recent years.

BMW 1 Series

Compared to other BMW models, the 1 Series is the successor of the 3 Series with a more affordable BMW entrance price. Low MPG is a common flaw of the light-weight entrance BMW with only able to go 20 mpg around town. A common problem with this series also includes the car going into Limp Home Mode while driving. This occurs with the car’s VANOS system failing over time.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Compared to other vehicles in the luxury SUV range, the G-Class isn’t as comfortable or safe as its competitors. The cash you have to splash to put a G-Class on your driveway might be better spent on other luxury SUVs like the Land Rover Range Rover or Porsche Cayenne.

Acura ILX

If there is one thing Honda has become known for over the years, it’s bringing quality cars to the market. The Acura ILX seems to be the odd one out in the fleet as the underwhelming performance, and poor ride quality are clear from the moment you turn the key.

Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee had a heavy push from Jeep’s marketing department, but that hasn’t made up for the fact the SUV just doesn’t deliver. While the Cherokee can be praised for trying to bring electricity to the SUV market, the subpar engine performance is a real downside. There is also a confusing nine-speed automatic transmission, which is underpinned by the weak engine.

Nissan Titan XD

The Nissan Titan XD is the heavy-duty version of the Nissan’s base model but reportedly doesn’t live up to the claims made by the car manufacturer. The Titan XD is meant to have superior towing and hauling capacity, but Consumer Reports claims this falls short. In fact, Consumer Reports named the Nissan Titan XD as its “Worst Overall” vehicle in 2020.

Subaru Forester

In fairness to the Subaru Forester, there really isn’t much wrong with the car mechanically. It is in the design where this compact SUV fails, both in terms of style and how the accessories and design work together. The powertrain is actually one of the better features of the Forester, but J.D. Power rated it as one of the worst compact SUVs for initial quality.

Toyota C-HR

Toyota has a reputation in the car industry as one of the best, and it doesn’t often find its vehicles being considered the worst of anything. However, despite all of the good things Toyota does, the C-HR is considered to be one of its weakest vehicles among the fleet. The biggest problem people find with sitting behind the wheel of a Toyota C-HR is the fact that its powertrain leaves a lot to be desired.

Jeep Wrangler

Although the classic Jeep Wrangler has many fans, its modern counterpart is not the legendary all-terrain vehicle of old. The Jeep Wrangler has been one of the worst valued vehicles in its category for several years, with the driving experience not being considered worth the asking price. Wranglers have become known for their uncomfortable ride, slow to react acceleration, and unreliability.

GMC Acadia

Although the GMC Acadia is styled nicely and fits the luxury SUV class well, there are a few problems with the vehicle. The biggest issue with the GMC Acadia is its reliability, with the mostly US-made parts not fitting together as well as they ought to. iReliability isn’t the only issue, however, and there is questionably low gas mileage and a lack of cargo space for such a large vehicle.

Jaguar XE

The Jaguar XE may not be the car you decide to splash all your cash on. Unless money is no object, the Jaguar XE just doesn’t deliver what you would expect from a luxury sedan. The car’s interior is not what paying customers expect from a car that starts from $36,000.

Volvo XC90

Volvo has been providing quality vehicles for generations, and it has been known as one of the safest car manufacturers in the world. The Volvo XC90 has been around since 2002, and throughout the years it has won plenty of admirers. Despite such a strong history, the XC90 has fallen on hard times with J.D. Power rating it the worst in its class.

Nissan Armada

There aren’t actually that many mechanical issues with the Nissan Armada, but there is one reason why it has found itself on this list. The Armada is not an economical vehicle to drive, and it is considered to be one of the worst cars for gas mileage. This problem stems all the way back to 2015, and it remains an issue for the Armada in the modern day. At just 14 miles to the gallon, the Armada is too thirsty for gas to really make it a market leader in the SUV class.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota has been trying to redesign the Tacoma in recent years but continues failing to impress with every new change. One of the biggest concerns highlighted by Consumer Reports is the transmission issues with the Toyota Tacoma.

Infiniti Q50

Some of the worst features in the Q50 are the comfort, handling, and controls, all of which ought to be pretty bulletproof in a luxury car. In fact, the only thing that most critics agree the Infiniti has going in its favor is the impressive acceleration. Everything else just misses the mark, with the reliability also being put into question by reviewers.

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati is known for building high-quality machines, but this Chrysler 300-based sedan doesn’t hit the heights of other cars produced by the Italian manufacturer. If you’re going to be shelling out $75,000 for a fancy car, you’re going to be expecting something more impressive under the hood than a family sedan’s engine. Owners of the Ghibli are getting an underperforming car that doesn’t even handle well.

Tesla Model X

Tesla is trying to give the electric vehicle market the shot in the arm it has arguably needed for decades. Despite Tesla’s efforts to change how we drive, there are still plenty of kinks to iron out from its Model X. The 2019 Model X ranked among one of the least reliable cars according to Consumer Reports, with the car putting style ahead of practicality.

GMC Yukon

The main issue being an unreliable powertrain, which won’t fill you with confidence when it’s time to hit the gas. Not only is the drive a substandard one, but the interior design can feel plastic and hard, which is something that doesn’t scream comfort.

Cadillac Escalade

For a luxury SUV, you would expect the interior to be of a higher quality and to feel less dated than it does. Considering this is an SUV, the cargo space isn’t big enough, while reliability is questionable. Whenever you do take your Escalade into the shop, you are going to be paying for it thanks to the high parts and repair costs.

Dodge Journey

Critics of the Journey feel as though its handling is particularly bad, while its lack of modern safety features is a cause for concern. Considering families are the most likely inhabitants of a Journey, safety ought to have been more of a concern for Dodge.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Where the Eclipse falls short, however, is in the execution. When it comes to performance, the Eclipse is left eating the dust of its competitors, making the poor gas mileage feel like a kick in the teeth. The Eclipse’s plastic and cheap interior and high asking price make this an SUV to avoid in 2022.

Subaru WRX

Subaru has reportedly made claims that it intends to become an SUV brand in the future, which doesn’t bode well for its sedan class. The WRX is Subaru’s sportier version of the Impreza, but it seems to have fallen short of the mark of its more simple model. The Subaru WRX was not highly ranked by J.D. Power, giving it the worst rating in initial quality among all compacts reviewed last year.

Chevrolet Suburban

Considering the Chevrolet Suburban is meant to be a family vehicle, the gas mileage is one big stumbling block. The huge SUV reportedly only gets 10 miles to the gallon, meaning the cost of most family road trips are going to be astronomical. Sure, the Suburban may be comfortable, and some of its advanced features make it stand out from the crowd, but that mileage is hard to overlook.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper may be a cute compact, but for practicality and reliability, there may be better cars on the market. Across the board of the range of Minis, they seem to score low on reliability, with many owners reporting engine failure as a common problem.

Acura RDX

In 2019 Consumer Reports essentially washed its hands of the Acura RDX by refusing to recommend it to its readers. The main reason why Consumer Reports couldn’t bring itself to recommend the RDX was due to the SUV’s reliability issues. With reliability issues already being a mark against the Acura RDX, there were further issues with the handling, which leaves a lot to be desired. Furthermore, its robotic design has proven to be quite divisive among car fans, so for over $40,000, most people should be impressed by the RDX, but they aren’t.

Chrysler 300

The main problem for the Chrysler 300 is that people have had to deal with its electronic and transmission issues for several years. While the Chrysler 300 might look the part of a luxury sedan, the car actually has a pretty low resale value. Add to that the issue with low gas mileage, and the 300 is going to be costing you money from the moment you drive it off the lot.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan falls short of the competition thanks to its crossover SUV effort, the Pathfinder. Although there is plenty of room inside the Pathfinder, it’s what’s under the hood that leaves drivers feeling disappointed. The Pathfinder ranks at the bottom of its class due to the poor reaction when you hit the gas pedal.

Jeep Compass

When the Jeep Compass was reviewed by Consumer Reports in 2019, the vehicle did not impress. The publication voted it one of the worst compact SUVs among its competitors, and the full review had almost nothing good to say about the Compass. Low ratings across the board were compounded by the fact the Jeep Compass had to be recalled because of issues with the brakes.

Buick LaCrosse

There won’t be many envious looks in your direction when you’re behind the wheel of the Buick LaCrosse thanks to its pretty plain design. The basic models retail below $30,000, but where you save money in initial cost, the LaCrosse will balance the books at the gas pump.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey might not offer the safety and security that a family would be looking for in their vehicle. Since 2019, it has already been recalled seven times by the NHTSA, once it was even hauled back due to a fire risk in 2020. Other issues included defective timing belts that caused engine failure and powertrain issues that meant the Odyssey would roll even when parked.

Chevrolet Spark

If you only intend to make short trips with one other person in the car, then the Chevrolet Spark is a great car. If you want to go further afield or bring more passengers along for the ride, then that’s where the Chevrolet Spark runs into some problems. Due to its extremely compact size, the Spark is not a good family car.

Ford Taurus

When compared to the competition, the Ford Taurus finds itself lagging behind. Its in-class competitors ensured that the Taurus found itself with lukewarm scores in pretty much every category by reviewers. You won’t feel like you’re in a race car behind the wheel of a Taurus due to its underwhelming engine and sluggishness on the road. The interior is also pretty dated, and the gas mileage is one of the worst in the big car class. Ford is reportedly phasing out the Taurus, so other vehicles in its class may be better options.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Although Volkswagen is primarily known for creating quality products, not every vehicle coming from the manufacturer’s production line is faultless. The Tiguan grew a foot in recent editions to allow for more interior room, stretching the limits to what defines a ‘compact’ SUV.

Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion line is beginning to show its age, and the 2019 Energi is considered to be one of the lowest-rated plug-in hybrids on the market. One of the biggest issues with the range is its lack of power, and it means getting onto the highway can be daunting.

Smart Fortwo

It seems the one saving grace for the Smart Fortwo is its fuel efficiency. The electric vehicle is tiny and comes in either convertible or hatchback but has been fighting an uphill battle for years. Smart’s Fortwo has improved in recent years, but the 2015 non-electric model was a low point, after receiving a score of 1.6 from Kelley Blue Book. Despite improvements, the Fortwo has consistently been criticized for lack of safety features and practically zero room on the inside.

Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster does have some issues that might be hard for some customers to overlook. Sure, you can get a sporty little car right off the lot for under $20,000, but you also get plenty of reliability issues. In fact, the Veloster was given a harsh grade by J.D. Power, as the car reviewer rated the Hyundai as one of the worst for dependability in the compact sports class.

Ford EcoSport

One of the biggest problems for the car review publication was that the EcoSport didn’t seem to know what it was trying to be. Car Connection felt that the EcoSport was a stop-gap vehicle for Ford until something better comes along. Another problem for the EcoSport is the fact that it lacks similar features that drivers in 2022 have come to expect, like collision warnings and a responsive engine.

Fiat 500X

One common complaint of Italian-made cars in the past was issues of reliability, and it seems the Fiat 500X is bringing the past back. Fiat’s 500 range might be one of the most beautifully designed on our roads, but the 500X has earned a reputation for frequently breaking down. Not only does it find its way into the shop more than owners would like, but it’s not cheap to repair when it is there either.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The electric vehicle revolution is coming, but it won’t be thanks to the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. For starters, the name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but the biggest issue with the i-MiEV is the battery. It takes 20 hours to charge the motor in this car, but that single charge will only take you 60 miles. That’s really not very far, and there’s no way you’ll be planning a cross-country trip in one of these.

Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max was never a must-have vehicle for car owners, and it was finally discontinued in 2019. The C-Max’s biggest problem was its dependability, with its class rivals showing Ford exactly how it’s done.

Nissan Versa

There are basic cars, and then there are ‘basic’ cars. The Nissan Versa is styled as a budget vehicle, but it seems to be lacking even some of the most basic of basics that modern cars must have. If you own a Nissan Versa, then you can expect to be cranking the windows manually, and it still requires you to insert the key to open the doors.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta was discontinued in 2019, but that isn’t a reason to go out and buy one. Buyers might be able to go out and get a Fiesta pretty cheaply, but there is a reason for that, and it’s not because Ford won’t be making any more. The car is rated by Car Connection as one of the worst of 2019, with concerns about safety features and its cramped interior.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage is ranked as one of the worst-rated cars of the year by the Car Connection, with the review website giving it a score of 3.3 out of 10. According to the review website, the Mirage has reliability issues, is slow, and unsafe. Both new and used models of the Mirage were given bad reviews, making it a car you should probably avoid.

Chrysler Town and Country

People might have thought about picking up the Town and Country in the used car market as a cheap alternative, but that’s a bad move. The older Chrysler model isn’t one for your average driver, and really only someone who loves fixing up cars should opt for this as a used vehicle. The Town and Country was regularly regarded as one of the worst for reliability by Consumer Reports, with the car reviewer voting it one of the worst used cars on the market.

Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave received a particularly bad rating from Consumer Reports, with the review website naming it one of the least reliable cars. Consumer Reports disliked this car so much it even discouraged readers from buying a used Buick Enclave because of reliability issues. Mechanical problems and design flaws with the interior have led to the Buick Enclave’s poor reviews, with the biggest disappointment being the lack of luxury.

Chrysler 200

When it comes to the packed midsize car market, it pays to stand out from the crowd. Chrysler has been struggling in this market for years, and the 200 doesn’t look like it’s going to be the solution for the long-standing manufacturer. The Chrysler 200 comes with an uninspired design both in exterior shape and interior fixtures and fittings. Consumer Reports gave the Chrysler 200 a score of just 51%, while it’s expected to lose almost two-thirds of its value in the first three years of ownership for drivers.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Safety is hugely important, but the Dodge Grand Caravan ranks among one of the worst minivans for safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has rated the Grand Caravan as one of the worst in its field. The cheap upholstery and fabrics used also don’t bode well for the Dodge Grand Caravan surviving the rigors of family driving.