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Perfect Examples Of Karma Getting The Job Done



Interview Time

Being selfish isn’t really a good way to go about living your life.

Poor Parking

Just like, what were you like, thinking? On a side note, it’s kind of odd all of these cars are black.

Laundry Day

The author of this note knows how to successfully fight fire with fire. Enjoy your frozen clothes!

Completely Trashed

When you literally don’t have the faintest idea how to park like a decent human being, you get trash thrown all over your car.

The Sign That Tried

This sign, before it was smushed into an accordion, used to warn drivers about falling rocks. It did not die in vain. We will be careful.

Donkey Dare

This guy thought he was being slick, but the donkey was one step ahead of him. And you know what? The ears kind of look perfect on him.

Sharing Is Caring

This sassy cat did not like the fact that her owners didn’t share their Hawaiian pizza. She got back at them the only way she knew how. Now, her owners have belly fur sweat pizza. Mission accomplished.

Bunny Ear Backfire

Your shadow betrayed you, Karen. Just like you betrayed your friend.

The Clever Bro

It must have taken him some time to do this, but I’m sure his sister’s freak out made it well worth it. You’re hilarious, dude.

Dumpster Doom

This gem of a man had better things to do than look for a decent parking spot. He chose to park right in front of the dumpsters that the garbagemen were unloading. Unfortunately for him, the garbagemen had a good sense of humor.

White Girl Wasted

Seriously, who doesn’t know what grenadine is?

Cement Car

Construction workers were inspired to set up more orange traffic cones after this incident.


You might want to think twice before you let your road rage get the best of you.

Creative (Ex) Wife

This is an in-depth, extremely well-thought-out plan. Have fun getting your stuff back, honey. Also, maybe Google your future: “divorce.”

Revenge Of The Poop

You leave me in a hot car? Me? Do you know who I am?

Biker Babe

It must have been one sweet bike. You go, girl.

Hit And Run

One piece of advice if you want to do a hit-and-run: don’t leave ANY evidence.

The Loss Of The Lamborghini

The driver of this car almost hit a student, before he illegally parked in front of the school.

Seat For One

Revenge is so, so sweet. She gets to see the game in all its live glory, and he gets to eat stale potato chips and think about his decisions.

Billboard Backstab

One of the perks about having a joint bank account is getting to put up a giant billboard displaying to the world how big of a piece of trash Steven is.

Towing The Tow Truck

Practice what you preach.

You Did This To Yourself

When the firemen needed water, they got water.

Joke’s On You

The author of this note sure has a way with words. We certainly enjoyed the “lava butt” phrase of choice.

Shopper Vengeance

The last thing the owner of this car is going to want to do is move all of these carts with arms full of groceries. But, maybe he or she should’ve thought about that before parking like a ninnyhammer.

Angry Mother

Listen, Linda. Just tell us how exactly you “caught” him driving drunk. We are intrigued to hear more behind this story.