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Mayim Bialik Shares the One Thing She Can’t Travel Without

Source: Getty Images

Although COVID has put Mayim Bialik’s travel plans on hold this year, normally the Big Bang star is a regular travel pro thanks to the annual trips to Israel she has taken since she was a teen.

The actress, whose new series Call Me Kat premieres January 3 on Fox, sat down with Travel+Leisure to share some of the travel tips she has learned along the way.

When it comes to the one thing she can’t live without, Mayim told Travel+Leisure it’s lip balm – packed inside the trusty Patagonia backpack she loves to use as a carry-on item.

“My lips get so dry on planes and in hotels,” the star shared. “No clue why. They just do!”

Mayim also has a routine she follows when flying, which includes donning her plane uniform of “black sweatpants, comfy black and white striped dress over the sweats, slip-on Doc Marten boots, my Chanukah cozy socks, baseball hat,” she told Travel+Leisure.

“I am an expert flier! I take super early flights so I can sleep on the plane. No drugs, no alcohol. Just a cozy sweatshirt and headphones,” Mayim said of her routine. “As a vegan, I bring my own snacks so I’m not disappointed with my food choices — I have a banana protector so it stays firm! A chocolate nut KIND bar. Almonds! And I drink tons of water and take an aisle seat so I don’t annoy my neighbor when I get up 1000 times.”

Mayim, who loves to travel with her two teen boys, admitted there are so many places she would love to visit, but told Travel+Leisure “Japan, Peru, Cuba and India” are at the top of her list.

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