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Why You Need to Book Your Summer Rental Car NOW!



Source: Getty Images

Travelers needing to book a rental car for their summer vacation are being urged not to procrastinate, especially if they are needing a larger SUV or minivan.

According to USA Today, summer tourists should be prepared to pay higher prices for rental cars this summer and the possibility of fewer options when it comes to booking a car for their summer holidays.

The reason? The coronavirus pandemic has had a similar effect on the car rental business as it did the airlines and companies such as rental giant Hertz were forced to sell thousands of cars in its fleet.

USA Today reports demand versus availability this summer will be an issue, particularly in ‘hot’ vacation destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Orlando, Florida.

“The problem seems to be getting worse than better,” AutoSlash founder Jonathan Weinberg told USA Today, adding dawdling will likely backfire this year as inoculated travelers get back to booking summer vacations.

“If you do that, you’re doing it at your peril,” Weinberg said of vacationers waiting until the last minute to book a rental car. “You’re going to pay much more.”