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United Passenger to Take Legal Action



Source: AP

Dr. David Dao, the United passenger who was filmed being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight will take legal action against the airline.

The video, showing a bloodied Dr. Dao being dragged down the plane aisle, caused a public outcry and even saw United stocks fall dramatically.
Source: Twitter

According to NBC court papers called an emergency “Bill of Discovery” were filed by Dr. Dao against United Airlines on Wednesday. These documents demand that any evidence of the incident, including video footage, passenger and crew lists, cockpit recordings and incident reports, be “preserved and protected.”

The removal stems from United’s personnel requesting passengers on the overbooked flight be compensated to give up their seats so that several United employees could make their connecting flights the next day. No one volunteered so United randomly picked four people, Dr. Dao being one of them. The three other passengers agreed, but Dr. Dao told airline staff he had patients he had to meet back in Kentucky the next morning.

Authorities were called after Dr. Dao refused to leave the plane, who then forcibly dragged the doctor from the plane.

United’s CEO Oscar Munoz issued a statement on Twitter saying in part, “I promise you we will do better.”