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40 Things Baby Boomers Still Think Are Cool

If you’re a boomer reading this, well we’re sorry in advance. But we have no choice but to inform you that a lot of the things you’ve been doing for, well, ever, are pretty uncool. And although you may think otherwise, these trends are never coming back in style, so you have to accept it.


While there are so many opportunities for growth amongst the Baby Boomer generation, so many choose to be stubborn in their old ways, torturing generations for years to come. Here are the most unforgivable trends Baby Boomer still think are cool, but need to stop immediately.


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Did You Know?
Richat Structure.  This 30-mile wide structure in the desert of Mauritania has an interesting shape.  Is it a huge fossil, or a spacecraft landing site?
Marble Caverns.  In Chile these marble caves are a result of saltwater erosion.  The water is so clear the bottom is viewed easily.
House of Eternal Return.  In Santa Fe, New Mexico there is a place that is half haunted house, half Dr. Seuss novel, funded by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.
The Museum of Bad Art.  There are actually several locations in Massachusetts where you can check out some very questionable valued art.
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