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This Italian Island is Now “Covid-Free”

Source: Instagram

The idyllic Italian island of Capri has announced it is now “covid-free” after completing its vaccination program – and the destination is hoping the news will encourage tourists to pick Capri over other holiday hot spots.

“We are preparing to welcome millions of tourists and to prevent them from going to Spain or Greece,” Governor Vincenzo De Luca said in a speech over the weekend.

“It is a very strong message that we send to the whole world,” Capri’s mayor Marino Lembo said in a statement. “You can come here in total safety.”

“We are optimistic, the world has changed and many negative things have happened but, looking to the future, I believe we will come out of this situation slowly, respecting the rules,” Lembo said.

While Capri is normally known as an upscale playground for the rich and famous, CNN reports the island saw a 70 percent drop in tourism last year due to the coronavirus pandemic – a harsh blow for a community reliant on tourism.

According to CNN, Capri isn’t the only Italian island to complete its vaccination program. Capri’s neighboring island of Procida, which will be the Italian Capital for Culture in 2022, has also vaccinated its residents.

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