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The Two Most Annoying Airline Passenger Behaviors Revealed!



Source: Getty Images

Airline travel is back with a vengeance, which means dealing with the pesky behavioral problems of other passengers.

According to Fodor’s if having the back of your seat constantly kicked during your flight or being seated in the vicinity of a drunk and disorderly passenger top the list of your travel pet peeves, you’re not alone.

A survey by The Vacationer found that the top two annoying behaviors for 2022 were tied: disruptive, drunk passengers and having the back of your seat kicked, both ranked at 59.11 percent.

The online survey of 1,098 American adults 18 years and over also found that smelly co-passengers came in a close third at 48 percent, and poor-parenting skills for unruly tots came in at 46.81 percent.

According to Fodor’s, other annoying behaviors to make the list included armrest hogging, seat reclining, smelly foods, overly talkative people, removing shoes, and people boarding and deplaning out of turn.

The study found that specific demographics seem to get annoyed more than others. According to Fodor’s, the study found that 51 percent of flyers over 60 were annoyed by passengers reclining their seats and 46 percent of the over-60s’ had issues with armrest hoggers. Younger flyers between 18-29 years of age were the least likely to find these behaviors harmful.