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Samantha Brown’s Top Tips for Overcoming Travel Anxiety



Source: Travel Channel

Is anxiety stopping you from traveling to places on your bucket list? Does the thought of boarding an airplane, having to converse in a foreign country, or stepping outside of your comfort zone to travel fill you with dread?

Anxiety can be debilitating, but travel guru Samantha Brown has compiled a list of her top tips to help calm the nerves of anxious travelers.

Talk to Your Doctor – On her blog Samantha Brown suggests speaking to your doctor about your anxiety before booking a trip. “There is no shame in getting a professional opinion about your mental health, and a doctor can help you come up with a plan. Whether its breathing exercises or medication, just knowing what you will do if you start to panic helps put your mind at ease,” the Places to Love star suggests.

Choose Your Plane Seat Wisely – Samantha reveals those suffering from anxiety during flights may find it helpful to book a seat near the front of the plane. If you feel jittery while up in the air, sitting at the back of the plane could make you feel claustrophobic, adding to your anxiety. Brown also recommends downloading the SOAR app, which has lessons on how to control in-flight panic attacks and anxiety.

Plan and Prepare – Before embarking on a vacation, Brown recommends writing down a list of everything that worries you about the upcoming trip. Next, write down steps you would take to resolve the problem. Coming up with a game-plan for how to handle “what ifs” can help alleviate any anxious worrying.

Arrive Early – Nothing causes anxiety more than rushing and worrying about being late. Samantha suggests arriving at the airport a good 90 minutes before your plane is set to depart so you aren’t rushing.

Keep Important Documents Together – Even though she has traveled the world, Samantha reveals she often worried about misplacing her passport. “I used to constantly worry that left my passport behind,” Samantha shared on her blog. “That’s why I always designate a specific spot for all important things. Every time I take out my passport, I immediately put it back in the same place.”

Keep Snacks on Hand – Samantha suggests staying hydrated and keeping snacks on hand such as nuts, granola bars and fruit for when ‘hanger’ (hunger and anger) strikes!

Book a Tour – Samantha shares once you have arrived at your destination don’t turn your nose up at booking an organized tour. “An organized tour of any kind takes the pressure off planning,” Samantha reveals. “You simply get to go with the flow and enjoy yourself, not stress about the details. Embrace being a tourist—you are one, after all!”

Resist Over Planning – It’s tempting to want to cram as much as possible into your vacation, however, Samantha says you want to avoid over planning. “Rushing from one activity to the next is stressful and, honestly, not that enjoyable. Instead of filling every minute, decide on one activity a day. This allows breathing room for rest, plus you’ll have more flexibility to be spontaneous, which is when travel’s most fun and memorable moments always seem to happen!” Samantha shared with readers on her blog.