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Samantha Brown Reveals Her Favorite Italian City



Source: Getty Images

When it comes to having a favorite Italian city, many people will immediately think of Rome, Naples, or Florence – but for travel guru Samantha Brown, her favorite Italian city is a bit off the tourist radar.

In her blog, Brown paid homage to Bologna, the city she calls her favorite in Italy.
“I’ve only been to Bologna once,” the Places to Love star shared. “But it left a huge impression.”

Located halfway between Florence and Milan in Northern Italy, Brown says Bologna allows her to “experience Italian everyday life, relaxing in cafes as the sound of locals chatting in Italian and clinking espresso cups with tiny spoons washed over me.”

According to Brown, Bologna has much to offer the tourist looking to experience a part of Italy that isn’t overrun with “totally insane crowds” revealing the city is known for its iconic towers, covered marble porticos, a wide array of different museums, and is foodie destination.

“One of Bologna’s many nicknames is La Grassa, which means ‘the fat one,’” Brown told readers. “This is the home of many iconic Italian eats, including mortadella, tagliatelle, ragú, tortellini and fritto misto. Fellow food lovers…are you packing your bags yet?”