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Meghan King Shares Top Tip for Traveling With Preschoolers



Source: Instagram

Real Housewives star Meghan King just got back from traveling cross-country with her small children – and along the way, discovered the perfect hack for traveling with unruly tots.

King, who traveled to Florida to spend New Year’s with her parents, shared the tip on Instagram revealing it’s all about timing when it comes to hopping on a long plane ride.
“Back from Florida and missing the weather,” the 37-year-old wrote on Instagram. “My kids exhausted me – I can’t even believe how tired I was today. But y’all… I found the sweet spot for traveling with preschoolers.”

“I’ve done all the flight times with them and this one was hands down the best we’ve ever done: a 6pm departure after full naps during the day,” Meghan revealed. “The kids were tired on the plane, I refrained from sugar for the first time, and no one screamed or lost their mind. My sister and I couldn’t believe our luck.”

“From now on, parents, the late afternoon flight is your new bestie,” the mom of three told fans of her newly discovered – and genius – secret.