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Las Vegas Tops the List of Happiest Places to Travel to in North America!



Source: AP

Las Vegas has topped the list of the happiest places to travel to in North America, according to research conducted by Club Med!

Club Med looked at the Happiest Holiday Destinations for 2022 by ranking the 50 most visited tourist destinations globally on a happiness scale of 1-100.

They collected data on each destination by using data that included crime index, safety index, pollution index, the cost of beer, number of outdoor activities per 100,000 population, number of day trips per 100,000 population, number of spas and wellness centers per 100,000 population, the overall happiness of individual cities, and LGBTQ+ friendliness.

Club Med then compiled a list of the world’s happiest destinations in 2022, Europe’s happiest holiday destinations in 2022, and North America’s happiest holiday destinations in 2022.
According to Club Med’s research, Bali topped the list for the world’s happiest destination, Barcelona stole the top spot for Europe, and Las Vegas, AKA Sin City, came out tops in North America.

“We’ve revealed the world’s happiest holiday destinations for 2022, and our research found that Bali, was the most popular destination for those in search of a happy, stress free getaway,” Club Med said in a press release. “Bali came out on top due to the incredible spa and wellness centres it has to offer and amazing outdoor activities – perfect for those looking for both relaxation and adventure on their holiday.”

According to Club Med, these are the Happiest Holiday Destinations for 2022:

World’s Top Ten:

1. Bali, Indonesia
2. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
3. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
4. Barcelona, Spain
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
6. Budapest, Hungary
7. Vancouver, Canada
8. San Francisco, California, USA
9. Dubai, UAE
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Europe’s Top Ten:

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Budapest, Hungary
4. Porto, Portugal
5. Marseille, France
6. Madrid, Spain
7. Dublin, Ireland
8. London, UK
9. Valencia, Spain
10. Milan, Italy

North America’s Top Ten:

1. Las Vegas, NV, USA
2. New Orleans, LA, USA
3. Vancouver, Canada
4. San Francisco, CA, USA
5. Washington DC, USA
6. Los Angeles, CA, USA
7. Portland, OR, USA
8. Toronto, Canada
9. Halifax, Canada
10. Nashville, TN, USA