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Las Vegas Reportedly Retiring ‘What Happens Here Stays Here’ Slogan

Source: Getty Images

What happens in Vegas may no longer stay in Vegas, according to several reports suggesting Sin City may be gearing up for a new marketing slogan.

According to Fox News, the iconic slogan, which was first unveiled to promote Las Vegas in 2003, could soon retire with a brand new slogan going public in January, 2020.

Fox News reported Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler hinted at the new slogan during a Vegas concert performance.

Instead of shouting the old “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Tyler led the audience in shouting, “What happens here, only happens here.”

Likewise, Vegas entertainers including Shania Twain and Brian Newman also hinted at a new slogan, according to Fox News.

Fox News reports the new slogan may have been created in collaboration between the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and R&R Partners, with the latter teasing when asked, “What happens here, still stays here..the rest you’ll have to find out on January 26!”

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