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Flight attendant proposes to pilot on Alaska Airlines Pride plane



A flight attendant and a pilot in California shared a very special Pride proposal with the help of Alaska Airlines, two years after meeting on an Alaska Airlines flight.
Skywest Flight Attendant Veronica said that when she met newly hired Alaska pilot Alejandra on that fateful flight, I was just like, ‘Oh, wow, this girl, she’s perfect.’
Veronica planned a marriage proposal aboard the airline’s Fly With Pride plane on a special Pride delight flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles on June 15.
Video captured by airline employee Maria Cid shows the pair at the head of the cabin, and Alejandra uses the PA system to say that it’s their anniversary. Veronica says that she couldn’t impress Alejandra with her Spanish when they met, but that she’s been practicing. She then pops the question, in both Spanish and English.
But Veronica had no idea that Alejandra was also planning to propose. Once they arrived at the gate at LAX, Alejandra dropped to one knee and presented a ring.
It’s awesome, I feel very, very loved today, Alejandra said. Alaska has always been my number one forever. I can definitely tell how much they care.