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Feeling Brave? Try Spending the Night at One of America’s Most Haunted Hotels

Source: YouTube

For those seeking a spooky, paranormal vacation, New York state’s Shanley Hotel may just hold the ticket.

Located in New York’s Shawagunk Mountains, this 35 bedroom hotel was once a place of ill-repute. Part of the property operated as a speak-easy and brothel during the prohibition era. There is even a secret chamber in the basement.
Source: Shanley Hotel

The property has a particularly eerie history – since the hotel was first built the original owner’s three newborn infants died. Another child, belonging to an on-site barber, died after falling into a well. Several other mysterious deaths have been linked to the hotel.

Sound like a place you wish to rest your head at night? If so be prepared to sign a waiver form. Guests are asked to sign the form since so many previous guests have experienced scary paranormal activity.
Source: Shanley Hotel

Visitors have witnessed objects moving by themselves, the sound of children laughing and playing, and footsteps from non-existent people. The part which housed the brothel seems to be the most haunted, with many people claiming to have felt extreme emotions upon entering the area. According to one review on Trip Adviser there is even a resident ghost cat!

Other Trip Adviser reviewers tell of hearing strange male whispering, whistling and also being pinched by one of the hotel’s ghosts. A piano is heard playing by itself and non-existent clocks chime.

Rooms prices start at $95 per night – if you dare!

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