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Delta Unveils New Uniforms



Source: Delta

Next time you fly Delta you may notice the flight crew looking unusually dapper and well-dressed thanks to the new uniforms the airline has just rolled out.
The new ‘Passport Plum’ uniforms mark the first time since 2006 the airline have issued new duds to pilots and flight attendants and the first time since 2000 baggage handlers and maintenance crew have received an upgrade in their work wear.
The new runway-perfect uniforms were designed by fashion’s own Zac Posen, who revealed to Travel + Leisure he shadowed Delta employees over a long period of time to get an idea of how they worked and moved throughout their day-to-day activities. Posen and his team created 1,000 trial uniforms Delta staff got to test out before the fashion guru came up with the final designs.
“This project and collaboration was something that evolved over three years and I really think that it was handled in an incredible way for a corporation,” Posen told Travel + Leisure. “They wanted to create a new look that didn’t look like other airlines.”
The new uniform color – Passport Plum – is a combination of Delta’s old navy blue and red hues.