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Amazing Wild West Photos

The Wild West was a time of range wars, railroad wars, lawless desperadoes, vigilante law men, and Cowboys and Indians strife. Given little attention during these years, however, are the things that just regular working class people were up to.


Farmers, fishers, homesteaders, housewives, and laborers. Click NEXT to get a rare look at civilian life in the wild west.


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Did You Know?
Yonaguni Monument.  It is unsure if this structure underwater in Japan is natural or man made.  Some think aliens created it.
UFO Watchtower.  In Hooper, Colorado, Judy Messoline set up an observation tower and campground.  You might spot a UFO, but if not at least there is a gift shop.
The world's smallest church is located in Oneida, New York and is in the middle of a Lake!  With less than 30 square feet, there is only room to accommodate the bride, groom, and person marrying them.
This little device was cutting edge technology back in the day. The answering machine, now made obsolete by voice mail boxes built into telephones, was the only way to let someone know you were trying to reach them. No texting, no social media, no caller ID in the 90s!
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