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The Number One Reason Couples Fight on Vacation

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Research has discovered the number one reason couples fight on vacation – and it’s not about where they should eat, or how much money is being spent!

According to Travel+Leisure, consulting firm Korn Ferry polled 1,070 people in May to find out what caused the most arguments whilst on vacation.

Over half (54%) of those polled pointed to their significant other’s habit of working whilst on vacation as causing the most fights.

Korn Ferry found that 45% of vacationers still checked in with their office, with not one person saying they fully disconnected from work.

According to Travel+Leisure, the research shows that people are more stressed out than ever at work, with Korn Ferry saying, “stress is having a negative impact on their personal relationships.”

“In today’s workplace, most employees don’t have the luxury of completely checking out while on vacation,” Mark Royal, a senior partner and engagement specialist with Korn Ferry, said in a statement to Travel+Leisure. “Clearing the deck of work responsibilities is hard, but planning better for downtime and negotiating set plug-in times with family and friends when keeping in contact with the office is a must.”

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