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Can You Guess the Top Three Largest Restaurant Chains in America?

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When it comes to the largest restaurant chains in America most people immediately think of McDonald’s – and they would be correct. The Golden Arches is the largest restaurant chain in America, but the restaurant chain in third place may come as a surprise.

According to Business Insider, McDonald’s is number one and Starbucks (also not a surprise) is the second largest chain in the U.S. – but spot number three? Surprisingly, that goes to Chic-fil-A!

Business Insider reports 2018 was a year of massive growth for the fast food chicken chain (which also doesn’t open on Sunday) moving the company up from number 7 on Nation’s Restaurant News analysis last year to third place this year.

McDonald’s held onto first place with $38.52 billion in American system-wide sales, Starbucks remained in second place with $20.49 billion and Chick-fil-A zoomed past Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and Subway with $10.46 billion.

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