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Best Cosplay From Comic-Con

We love to watch comic book movies to escape from the world. When we watch our favorite heroes defeat the bad guys, we can imagine what it would be like if we had special powers too. Unfortunately, no matter how much we get bitten by radioactive spiders, those powers just aren’t coming. We’ve had to accept that we aren’t magically going to be able to fly any time soon, our ‘super’ strength is embarrassing at the gym, and we can’t breathe underwater. Instead, we have found a different way to feel like superheroes, and that is dressing up just like them.

People put hours of work into making their costumes look perfect and then they show them off at comic book conventions. Not everyone wants to go as a hero though as the villains are the ones who get to have all the fun, and bad guys are totally accepted at conventions too. These people have shown their costume making skills with pride and deservedly earn the right to say they have the best cosplay costumes. Look out for your favorite comic book character amongst these amazing costumes that prove the people who made them really do have special powers.

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